Nikkor 24-120 @ 120 mm, f 4.0


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  1. Christmas 2006 (7?, 8?, 9?…2012)

    (All Together now, in Chipmunk-esque squeals, just like Alvin and the Chipmunks have sung it since the 60s)

    Christmas comes but once a year,
    soldiers bloodied, Mother’s tears,
    bombs exploding in the air,
    it’s Christmas everywhere!

    Barons sipping booze or tea,
    greed leads to frivolity,
    one man’s toil is another-kids toy,
    it’s Christmas in Hanoi.

    Farm girls walk to city lights,
    paddies shimmer by moonlight,
    no one left to grow rice high,
    it’s Christmas in Shanghai.

    Now she sits at sewing machines,
    making clothes for Wal-Mart Queens
    she takes home a buck a day,
    it’s Christmas in Bombay. (Mumbai)

    One hundred forty hour weeks,
    raped and left no food to eat,
    import maids, Sri Lanka’s poor,
    it’s Christmas Singapore.

    Catholic Mass in Spanish here,
    Argentina has great fear
    The IMF has had their say
    Guess who is going to pay?

    Now the Dems have won their seats
    still no nerve to scream “impeach,”
    It seems they’re also on the take,
    Which SUCKS for goodness sake!

    Bush is set on World War three
    claims tax cuts will set us free
    Look, a tear in Laura’s eye
    The Whitehouse is a sty.

    Habeas Corpus is long gone
    Now King George can have his fun
    The law was passed here just in time
    To root-out left-wing slime.

    Osama thumbs his princely nose
    Knowing Dad is Bush’s Bro,
    The oil secured keeps China at bay
    It’s Christmas all the way.

    Now Osama’s dead and gone
    Who will be the next war pawn?
    Syria, Libya, Iran, no WAIT!
    Christmas is way past late.

    Barack Obama’s our new man
    He spreads the war to Pakistan,
    Drones are flying up above
    Spreading Christmas love.

    So go out and shop some more
    Buy something from every store
    The fascist status quo gains power
    with every shopping hour.

    Christmas comes but once a year,
    Bloodied soldiers, Mother’s tears,
    bombs exploding in the air
    it’s Christmas everywhere!

    Bombs exploding in the air
    It’s Christmas everywhere!

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